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Why Live In a Tent?

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Why Live In a Tent?
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Save money
A major advantage is that it costs a lot of money to live in a tent. This is much cheaper than living in a house or even living in an apartment. You need to buy a lot of supplies, but the total cost is still much lower than the monthly payment for gasoline, rent, internet, and electricity.
Improve your health
Studies have shown that spending a long time in the forest, often referred to as " forest bathing", can help you become healthier in many important ways. Phytoncides released by plants can help you breathe in more air, maintain body functions, and strengthen your immune system. Some people believe that spending time outdoors can also help you be happier. Let us also not forget the increase in vitamin D.
Reduce your carbon footprint
If you want to reduce your negative impact on the environment and the world, living in a tent is one of the best things you can do. By living outdoors, you can avoid electricity, water, and other things that have a major impact. Your mark in the world, or your carbon footprint, can be made smaller by living in a tent, you can feel confident and peaceful, knowing that you help make the world a better place.
Simplify and optimize
Things in the world have been getting more and more complicated. Many people want to stay away from the farce in this world and focus only on the important things. Living in a tent can help you prioritize and focus on the important things in the long run. Things that seemed important in the world have been put on hold. You will realize that luxury goods and other things that seemed important before are not so important. The money you usually spend on these things will have better uses. This is a real catharsis and self-reflection experience.
You are no longer stuck in one place! Don’t like where you are now? Move! Want to try new things? Move! Do you have anyone you want to visit? Move!
Challenge yourself
Another thing that outdoor life is so appealing and exciting is that it is a real challenge. This is almost certainly one of the most challenging experiences in your life, and therefore one of the most valuable experiences. Many of the resources you use every day are suddenly unavailable. You will learn more about yourself and find creative solutions to problems that arise. You will have a unique situation and you will better understand how people lived in the hundreds of years before all the technological advancements we see today.
Other things to consider
Know your field, know the law, know your rights. 
Generally speaking, you will want the kind of supplies that you will use in long-term elk hunting. Instead of listing all the supplies here, I suggest you do a planned activity: take a few minutes to close your eyes, imagine your day in detail from morning to night, think about every item you want to use and when. Then, expand the scope of exercise so that you have different activities throughout the week. Imagine your body from head to toe. What are you wearing? How does it change according to the weather or activities? Imagination can help you figure out what you need and prevent you from forgetting important items. At the same time, ask yourself how long the things you choose to pack will last.
"Utilities" and groceries
Does this place have enough shade during the hot summer? Are internet and phone services easily available? Do you need to fill water? Or is there a source of water that can be purified nearby? What is your long-term solution? What is your schedule for packing garbage? How was it?
As far as food is concerned, you may be able to catch some fish in the river, but it is difficult to rely on these fish for every meal, especially when you may have fish that are not hooked. You can go hunting, but if you don't have a lot of practice, this may be a less reliable way to get food than fishing. It takes a little time to learn and practice. Knowing these skills will help, just make sure you have enough confidence in your abilities. It’s okay to go to the city every once in a while to buy some necessary goods. 
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