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Camping In Winter, Watching the Heavy Snow Outside the Tent

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Update time : 2020-11-18 16:42:43
1/Snow camping, starry sky at night, silence in the mountains, and camp cooking are all sources of fun. At the same time, because winter camping is more difficult and serious than camping in other seasons, it is also a good exercise for mountain friends' climbing skills and experience.
2/ Winter is the off-season of the tourist season, and entrance fees and campsite fees will also be reduced. Moreover, the fees of some RV camping parks will also be reduced due to the decrease in passenger flow. In winter, there will be a lot fewer people, and you can easily enjoy the scenery.
3/ The weather is cold in winter, and many lakes and ponds will freeze. At this time, you can play on the ice. Many people also like to dig ice and fish; skiing in snowy places, playing snowmobiles, etc., can only be enjoyed in winter. Winter tents manufacturer introduces you to the things you should pay attention to during winter camping.
In addition to regular camping precautions, winter camping should also prepare:
1. Before setting up camp, use a sled or snowshoes to step on solid flat ground, so that you will not sink into the soft snow when you climb into the tent;
2. Remember to observe everywhere, in addition to the usual dangerous situations, also pay attention to the possibility of avalanches nearby, and whether the snow on the branches will be blown off by strong winds. Shrubs or boulders are ideal campsites (without the above dangers);
3. When setting up a camp, place the tent in a dry place. It is best to spread thick dry leaves. If the ignition is not dangerous, it is best to sweep an open area and light the torch to dry and heat the tent. Once the cold air enters the human body, it is not so easy to get rid of.
Camping equipment selection
1. Winter tents: It is best to use double-layer tents, that is, tents with two layers of inner and outer tents. It is best to carry a four-season tent, also known as a mountain tent, which not only provides good shelter but also has better warmth than the three-season tent.
2. Moisture-proof pad: The cold in winter does not only come from cold air, but half of it comes from underground. If you feel cold, it is recommended to use double moisture-proof pads. If foam pads + inflatable pads have a better effect.
3. Sleeping bag: The sleeping bag must be selected suitable for the ambient temperature. The temperature scale is an important reference. The sleeping bag is best to have a vertical lining structure, which can prevent the uneven distribution of down in the sleeping bag. Sleeping bags should not be placed directly on the ground. In winter, camping sleeping bags should not be placed directly on the cold ground. You can put some branches and outer clothing under the sleeping bag, or put some stones and some withered grass. They should be sufficiently fluffy before use so that the heat preservation effect is better. it is good.
Heating measures
1. Warm clothing: In winter camping, the dress is a very important thing. The classic three-layer dressing rule still applies. For the inner layer, select functional underwear; the middle layer and the warm layer bear the responsibility of maintaining body temperature; the outer layer and the shell layer bear the important responsibility of sheltering from wind and rain.
2. Maintain the temperature in the sleeping bag: Down sleeping bag is the best choice. A thick cotton sleeping bag and a fleece sleeping bag can also be substituted. If you feel cold before waking up in the morning or going to bed at night, you can do some exercises in the sleeping bag (lie on your back) Sit, squeeze buttocks, massage hands, and legs, etc.), and drink a hot drink. This can maintain body temperature. Do not wear too many clothes when you enter the sleeping bag. Wearing too much will make people sweat, which will make the sleeping bag damp and reduce thermal insulation performance.
3. Light a fire: camping in winter, many mountain friends will light a bonfire at night, not only for heating but also for fun. It is a pleasure to chat by the bonfire at night, barbecue, or drink hot tea. Be sure to pay attention to safety when using a bonfire. Keep away from flammable materials such as tents and sleeping bags. The bonfire should be extinguished when you go to bed at night. When leaving the camp the next day, you should pay more attention to putting out the fire completely.
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